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If I am completely honest having a chimney sweep at your wedding was not something I knew very much about, until a customer recently ordered a chimney sweep cake topper to go with their bride and groom cake topper. So I thought I would look into where the tradition originally came from.

It is an old tradition (over 200 years old) but one that is still part of many weddings today – a chimney sweep at your wedding, is meant to bring good luck.

The story behind it that as King George II was traveling in his coach and horses, when the horse pulling the carriage was suddenly frightened and became wild and out of control. The only person brave enough to stop the horse from bolting with the carriage which King George was in, was a local chimney sweep who controlled he horse and saved the Kings life.

King George was so grateful to the chimney sweep that he issued a Royal Decree that all chimney sweeps were  regarded as good luck and should be treated with respect.

There are companies still offering the service of a traditional chimney sweep at your wedding, where they will shake hands with the groom and give a lucky kiss for the bride. I think it is a lovely old tradition that would be great fun to have at a wedding.

Here are a few of the companies I found online offering the chimney sweep lucky service!
Attending wedding ceremonies within the North East of England
Wedding service covering S E London Kent
A Lucky Singing Chimney Sweep – Weddings in Wales The West of England

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