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Cake Topper of the Year results…

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I was really pleased to be told that in the cake topper of the year competition 2012 I am highly commended. It was the first time I have entered a topper into a competition,
so I was very pleased with the outcome.
Thank you so much to everyone who voted.

 This was the topper, the competition was for most original topper
and this was a topper with a lovely story.
This is the clothing the bride and groom were wearing when they first met at a fancy dress party.
I love making unusual designs and this one was great fun to create.

Fancy dress cake topper

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Winter Weddings

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Beautiful icy white wedding theme

Well it’s only the start of April and I’m already thinking about winter! I’m very lucky to be booked up until September already, and it got me thinking about the discussions I’ll be having with brides soon about autumnal colours and snowy bases, maybe with a robin or two! This topper traveled to Canada with the bride and groom for a very snowy wedding, the figures even wore skis.

The good thing is with a winter wedding theme you don’t need to be limited on colours, any colour can be adapted to the theme. It can be a traditional Christmas theme with rich burgundy, green and gold or a warm winter palate of cinnamons and ivory, even with mini trees on the tables and fairy lights twinkling around you. Or a very different look is a magical winter wonderland, glitter, pale or icy blues, white, silver and lots of sparkling lights can give it a lovely shimmering winter effect.

Traditional theme Christmas wedding

There is a long list of winter accessories that can be added to your topper – skis, snowboards, hat’s and gloves, snowy base, snowballs, robins, snowmen whatever matches your theme.

The idea of a winter wedding may sound cold but I love the idea of guests chatting around a big open fire maybe even with a mug of hot chocolate, it makes it a really snug, cozy, friendly environment.

Beach wedding

There is always the option to forget all of that and go to a hot and tropical beach! No snow or rain there!

What ever your winter theme I think it is a lovely magical time of year to get married.

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Snowboard wedding cake topper


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