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Happy Christmas and new year x

Posted on: December 30th, 2011 by Kate Elford No Comments

Wishing everyone a great Christmas and new year.

It is a very busy time of year here, especially with Pottery by Design Christmas decorations and then the rush of new brides to be from Christmas proposals, it is all very exciting.

There were also the toppers for Christmas weddings and anniversary gifts. This one shown here was made for a Christmas eve wedding, and I love the colours it was lovely to make!

These toppers are from the range at and they can now include pets. To begin with the pets were only going to be added to the Atop of the tier toppers because they are larger it is easier to work with the clay, but after some practise they can now be added to these mini toppers as well. Shown here are 3 cats and a little white dog. One of the cats sadly passed away just before the wedding, but the bride was keen to still include him on the topper, so he is still there just with a little halo added.

Pet toppers are a lovely way to include your pets on your special day, or as a gift, or even as a little memorial to your pet, it’s a lovely way to remember them by having an ornament to look at that will last forever.

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