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Win your honeymoon!

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We heard about this exciting competition and thought it was worth sharing! –

To WIN YOUR HONEYMOON, Engaged Couples should first visit and register.  Then use the different tools available on the website for a month then simply send an email to with details about (A) What you like (B) What you think is missing.  We are not looking for pages of answers just a sentence about (A) and a sentence about (B).  Your email address will then go into a prize draw for the honeymoon.  Easy – Register NOW and don’t forget to tell all your engaged friends.

We had a great time at the National Wedding Show – Earls Court and have decided to exhibit at 12 major Wedding shows each year around the Country.  About 2,500 engaged couples took away details about our FREE Wedding Planning Tools Website and Wedding Suppliers Directory.


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Welcome to the new cake toppers website

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Welcome to the new cake topper website. A new range of cake toppers bought to you by the makers of Atop of the tier cake tops. It is a really exciting time for us as the new design and style of toppers is unveiled and we hope you like them.

A wedding cake topperEach topper is made to match each person, for any occasion. They are made from clay so will last you forever, a real keepsake.

This topper was made for a wedding cake. It shows how the hair style and colour match the bride and groom, the skin colour, flowers and the clothing. A little tiara was added for the bride as well made from little diamntes to give it some real sparkle. It also has the names and wedding date engraved around the edge to make it even more personal to the couple.

There is a choice of gold or platinum lustre hearts available for each topper, but this couple love horses so asked to have little horseshoes added to the base instead.

We produce genuine kiln fired ceramic wedding cake toppers. They are hand crafted to match each person. No moulds are used, the toppers are all sculpted by hand. We do not make fimo/polymer clay toppers which is a plastic based oven baked material, only real kiln fired earthenware clay. So you have a proper pottery ornament to keep forever.

These toppers are a lovely simple design that will go with any theme. They capture the detail in a very simple and effective way, that wont overpower a wedding cake but compliment it beautifully.

We are a new website and the gallery will be updated regularly, so keep an eye out for new toppers. If you do have any questions about the toppers please feel free to contact us.

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Why we love cake toppers!

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Cake toppers are a really great way to celebrate and remember your special day. It is a memento that is made to match you, that is made from earthenware clay so will last forever.

Each topper is made by hand, no moulds are used, and no two toppers are ever the same. Toppers are made for the wedding cake, to be put next to it or even to be sat next to the guest book. When the day is over it can sit on a shelf or mantelpiece to be admired forever. It will not become brittle over time as it is kiln fired clay.

Cake toppers are being ordered for more and more occasions, weddings, Christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, Fathers day and Christmas. They are a really thoughtful gift to give to someone you really care about, and a good way to celebrate a special moment in time.

All the toppers are made with genuine care and attention to detail.

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Don’t forget the pets

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Although the mini toppers are for people only, we do offer a range of pet toppers They can be made to match any animal. Alot of people include their pets on the cake toppers, but some people just want their pets. We understand how important your pets are to you and think it is a lovely way to celebrate them with a permanent memento of them.
They dont even need to be made for a cake, they are a perfect gift for Christmas or birthdays. Cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, sheep, guinea pigs and more.

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Unusual cake toppers…..

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When I tell people what I do, making wedding cake toppers, the one question I get asked the most is what is the most unusual topper you have had to make. I get asked for pets, fishing rods, uniforms, signposts, wellies, musical instruments but this one always wins. I had to make the bride to be sat on the toilet with the groom down on one knee proposing. It was a surprise for everyone at the wedding including the groom, but thats how he proposed and the bride wanted to share her funny story.

The list really is never ending of what makes a topper personal to each person. They can be more than hair styles and clothing they can be a reflection of what makes you who you are. Which is a lovely thing to show the Grandchildren!

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Wedding inspriation

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Here at cake toppers I am always keeping an eye on what is around. The styles and tastes are always changing for what brides want for their wedding day. It is also really inspiring to see what creative things are around, there is so much talent out there to make it very personal to you.

I found these lovely button bouquets at I heart buttons

If you want to stand out from the crowd and have something just that little bit different on your wedding day, have a browse of my beautiful button bouquets. Youre sure to find something to capture your imagination.

Each bouquet is handmade using a combination of new and vintage buttons.

Button bouquets make a unique and colourful alternative to a traditional floral bouquet. Sentimental items of jewellery (or buttons of course!) can be worked into the bouquets to make them even more special.The most fabulous thing about button bouquets is that they will last forever. After your wedding, they can become a spectacular centrepiece in your home or even passed on to loved ones for their wedding day.

If you would like to see some reviews of Lesas work visit a website offering Every Ingredient for your Wedding At Ice the Cake they offer a wedding consultancy, top suppliers, interesting articles, Just married and Anniversary sections. Their aim is to create a website of helpful wedding suppliers and a Bridal community that is the talk of the town!

I have made my first button bouquet.much smaller than I heart buttons though. It was a mini version of the brides vintage button bouquet which is when we first heard of the idea, which I think is lovely.

This bride also wanted to be wearing her slippers and carrying a cup of tea on her cake topper which I loved making. The personalised wedding cake toppers are available at Atop of the tier

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Wedding invitations

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Wedding invitations are the first insight your guests will have about your big day, so its good to make a statement.

We have had a few orders for cake toppers over the years of people in their wedding clothes or everyday clothes so that a photo of it can be used for the invitation and then the topper on the cake carries the theme right through the wedding day as well.

This cake topper is from the Atop of the tier range and had the bride and groom in their work clothes for the topper, and because the bride is a teacher the wedding date was chalked on the blackboard. It was a great way to make a huge feature of the cake topper, but without giving any details away about the wedding dress!

I have recently found these lovely invitations that I thought were definitely worth a mention The Hummingbird Card Company

Exquisitely designed, beautifully made stationery that will captivate your guests for your big day.
Choose from stunning printed designs or the laser-cut creations that make us unique. For a more personal feel, try our bespoke service. With both contemporary and vintage inspiration we have created a delightful collection of designer stationery that truly captures the essence of the occasion.

There is a great selection of designs and colours.

Another website that caught my eye is Golden Apple. I love what Leah makes.

Im Leah and I am the brains behind Golden Apple, your one stop shop for all things creative and lovely!

Whether youre looking for unique and interesting wedding Invitations, quirky stationery favours, greetings cards, a creative illustration or some fun and funky graphic design work, Im here to help!

Have a lovely time browsing the site, and please dont hesitate to get in touch to discuss your ideas!

The designs are really fresh and modern, and with a touch of the very popular retro theme.If youre looking for cute, quirky, unique and interesting wedding invitations and stationery then visit

Both websites offer great designs, the difficult bit would be choosing a favourite design so suit you!

For more information about ordering a cake topper for your wedding or special occasion visit

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Wedding Photographers

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The wedding market is a very busy place, with so many options it can be daunting to know where to start. One of the many important decisions is choosing the right photographer to capture your special day. This lovely moment was captured and sent to me showing the cutting of the cake, complete with a topper!

Over my time in the wedding industry I have come across a few wedding photographers, with brilliant portfolios for you to look at online. The internet has made the first step to finding the right person for you that little bit easier. The no obligation look at their previous work is a great place to start.

A favourite of mine who I genuinely think does amazing work is Rob Grimes PhotographyUK Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer, experienced, energetic and enthusiastic, I have a real passion for

photography especially weddings that I have gained over the years and hopefully that shines through in your images and my portfolio. I specialise in capturing those spontaneous unseen moments that we otherwise could lose. I class my style as a mixture of contemporary, reportage, modern, fun and stylish, Ibelieve in being unseen and polite, relaxed and energetic.

I aim to capture everything that is romantic, dramatic, funny and off beat that can happen at a wedding along with the seriousness of the group family portraits, I aim to be unobtrusive, relaxed and part of your big day, with the aim of producing natural, beautiful and stunning images for you and your family. I like to start the day by capturing the emotions and thrills as the happy couple prepare themselves for this big moment in their lives, by capturing the small details of getting ready, hair, makeup and the arrival at the church, then comes the ceremony itself, I will blend into the background and capture those precious moments that others might not see, the joining together of two peoples love captured forever. Then its off to the reception, where I will capture the fun and party atmosphere of the whole evening, as the whole family celebrate your wedding. At some stage i will drag you away from the whole affair, this is so we can capture those special shots of just the bride and groom together.

This photo is a personal favourite of mine and well worth sharing. Overall Robs work is really inspiring and doesnt only include weddings there is a great portfolio to look through. He produces stunning modern images at affordable rates with discounts for those in the Armed Forces. Visit for more details.

Also avaiable is Courtenay Hitchcock who owns and runs Courtenay Photographic Ltd. He is a highly experienced professionalwedding photographer, with a very distinctive relaxed style through which he cant hide his sense of fun.

His relaxed, stylish and graceful photojournalistic approach to wedding photography keeps him very much in demand not only in the beautiful Dorset but all over the world. Over the years he has developed an easy confidence within a wedding, understanding the natural ebb and flow of the day, experienced enough to remain calm and keep everyone laughing, no matter how hard it rains or how wrong the bridesmaids flowers look.

On the day Courtenay stands back a little, his style is definitely not to take centre stage and manage a wedding in a series of mini photo shoots. To record such an important day he allows it to simply unfold around him, watching and observing, noticing the small things which will mean so much when a couple look back at their wedding photographs in years to come.

He works without an assistant, without lights without even a flash on his camera. He makes as little fuss as possible, as his talent lies in recording people just as they are, their relationships with each other and the emotions they show. Hes learned over the years that this changes the minute anyone knows they have a camera pointed at them. He promises to provide his couples with photography which will always remind them how it felt the first time the bride slipped on her dress, the couple locked eyes as they exchanged their vows, kissed as husband and wife. Photography which will continue to tell the story of the wedding day for years to come, to their children and to their grandchildren.

He also absolutely promises to be very lovely to have around

Dorset Wedding Photographer

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Also Available, Little Cake Toppers, A Smaller, More Simple Version Of Our Toppers