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Motorbike Wedding Cake Topper

Posted on: October 13th, 2015 by Kate Elford No Comments

Motorbike wedding cake topperThis topper is for two bikers, his and hers motorbike cake wedding cake topper!

I love that they chose to be wearing sunglasses as well, too cool : )

These cake toppers are personalised to match each person (and bike)
and available from Atop of the tier –

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Winter Wedding

Posted on: October 1st, 2015 by Kate Elford No Comments

I love the idea of a winter wedding, it conjures up images of crisp white snow, roaring log fires and a lovely magical white sparkle over everything!

Snowflake Wedding Cake

This beautiful cake ticks all the white sparkle theme, including silver snowflakes, it’s so pretty.

Father Christmas Cake Topper

Father Christmas Cake Topper

This Christmas topper was made just as a Christmas ornament! It could be used for a cake topper, but was made just to sit on the fireplace.

Christmas Wedding Cake

Christmas Wedding Cake

I love this wedding cake, it is perfect for a Christmas wedding. With the red, white and gold it is such a striking design. The topper is sat on it’s own matching cake next to this one.

Snow Angel Cake Topper

Snow Angel Cake Topper

This was such a fun design to make for a winter wedding. A snow angel cake topper! I love that the bride is wearing earmuffs.

Christmas dogs cake topper

Christmas Cake Dog Topper

A popular range at Christmas is the pet toppers, a perfect gift for pet owners. A little pottery ornament of their pets, made to match, that they can keep forever.

All these cake toppers are from Atop of the tier – and all made by Kate Elford.
They can be made for weddings, special occasions, or just as a Christmas gift.


Popular toppers!

Posted on: January 19th, 2014 by Kate Elford No Comments

Well I am very happy to say I am now fully booked until June, and I am looking forward to getting started on all of this years toppers. It is a record to be booked up this early and I am very happy that the toppers are so popular, it is very exciting!
Limited spaces are available until September. Full info is not needed at time of booking and this also does not affect bookings already made. Bookings are already being taken for 2015 as well, so I would advise booking early if you do decide you would like a mini you cake topper xx

Drum kit wedding cake topper

Drum kit wedding cake topper

What a ‘top’ year!

Posted on: December 16th, 2013 by Kate Elford No Comments

Well it has been an amazing year of toppers, a huge range of designs. Planes, llamas, uniforms, pets the list goes on. One thing for sure is it is never dull ; )

I have been sent some beautiful topper photos from customers this year and this is one of the most recent, there are more to see on the toppers on cakes page. It is always really appreciated when customers take the time to send photos to me, it is great to see them on the cake.

Wedding Cake Topper

Too busy to blog : (

Posted on: August 30th, 2013 by Kate Elford No Comments

Well the new years resolution to blog alot more has failed, and time has flown by this year.
So here is a very quick attempt at an update just to say bookings have taken me by surprise this year and are already coming in fast for 2014 so if you are thinking about a cake topper I would advise booking before the start of 2014.

Wedding gifts and decorations

Posted on: February 22nd, 2013 by Kate Elford No Comments

I took a quick trip to Dunster this week, to visit my favourite shop in the world.
It is full of lovely gift and home ideas and is beautifully presented. This time I noticed a lovely display of wedding things. There is a lovely selection of ideas and helpful advice is there if needed about quantities and colours etc.

If you can’t make it to Dunster they also have a website –

The 5 Quarters is a family run business shop based in the picturesque village of Dunster in Somerset. We have been welcoming our valued customers to the shop since Dec 2004 when we first opened.

Our aim is to bring magic, joy love into people’s lives by sourcing beautiful gifts for you, your home or a present for someone special.
Why is the shop called The 5 Quarters?

Our philosophy lies within the beauty magic found in nature, her elements, seasons cycles. Based on an ancient system, the Wheel of the Year journeys through Air, Fire, Water, Earth Spirit, the 5th element. By re-acquainting ourselves with the elements, we begin to become more conscious of the natural world, which can help bring balance harmony into our busy modern lives.

We have carefully sourced items that represent reflect the qualities of each element, in particular our range of crystals fossils, either in their natural form or set in sterling silver jewellery. ”

Dunster as a whole is a wonderful place to visit and is now a place to consider for your wedding, from the planning to the actual day. My photos don’t really do it justice so I would recommend a visit to see for yourself.

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Booking up fast

Posted on: February 18th, 2013 by Kate Elford No Comments

Well it’s that time of year already, we are booked up until June 2013 at Atop of the tier – and there is only limited spaces available until September. We are really grateful for the support from our customers and look forward to making some amazing cake toppers throughout the year.

Football cake topper

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Cake Community

Posted on: September 24th, 2012 by Kate Elford No Comments

New section has been added to the brilliant website –

A lovely cake community

‘We love cake here at Fabulous Cake Makers who doesn’t? Here in our own little cakey world we have created our cake community for you to share recipes, ideas, new techniques and even have guest writers telling us about absolutely anything from their own little slice of cake world.
So if you have a favourite cake recipe you want to share then get in touch. If you have some good quality photos of the finished masterpiece even better! A story behind the cake? Sketches from the bride and then the finished creation? The list is endless…
*Absolutely anything that you think will delight other cakey lovers just let us know, we will share the best with the Fabulous Cake Maker community. Let’s share the love of cake! Go on you know you want to…’

Pop over and have a look for inspiration, recipes and lots of lovely cake things….the cookie dough cupcakes sound and look amazing! –


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Cake toppers back to front!

Posted on: August 14th, 2012 by Kate Elford No Comments

I don’t show the back of the cake toppers very often, so here’s a few! A good use of the football shirts is to add names and the date just like the one for Mr Mrs T! 

These toppers are from the website

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Top 100 wedding supplier!

Posted on: August 3rd, 2012 by Kate Elford No Comments

If you are a facebook fan we are also there, and can be found at the page is regularly updated with bits and bobs about cake toppers or other peoples work that I think is definitely worth sharing. I was really pleased to find out today that cake toppers was listed in the top 100 wedding suppliers list, so just wanted to say a big thank you for the mention

Also Available, Little Cake Toppers, A Smaller, More Simple Version Of Our Toppers